ITW Waterbury Buckle has manufactured metal hardware for over 155 years. We have maintained our reputation as the highest quality provider across a wide range of products and markets.


Our strong sense of customer satisfaction coupled with unmatched engineering expertise make us your go to team.  A dynamic mix of technical knowledge coupled with manufacturing savvy make us an unmatched partner in the metal manufacturing field. Our  innovative approach to engineering and product development produce value added dynamic solutions.


We are the innovator not the imitator, no matter the challenge we are there with you.





Since 1835, ITW Waterbury Buckle has been providing our customers with quality parts for all of their commercial and military needs. We pride ourselves on being able to fit the right product to the customer. You will find a vast selection of metal and plastic components backed by more than 150 years of quality service.


Customer Satisfaction

At ITW Waterbury Buckle, we understand that performance and success in the marketplace are ultimately defined by our customers.  Customer satisfaction depends on delivering the best product, on time, and at an attractive overall cost. Our creative design engineers, knowledgeable customer service associates, skilled manufacturing personnel, and qualified management staff help to ensure customer satisfaction. At ITW Waterbury, the combined commitment and innovativeness of our employees have been making this goal a reality for well over a century.